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Cell Phone Public IP Address when Roaming

Just Moved In

If I use my cell phone on roaming when overseas, will my phones public IP address be a Canadian one, or one from the country I am travelling in?


Community Power User
Community Power User

It'll be based on whatever country you're in and the provider you are using over there. The only possible exception is if you are using a VPN on your phone and connecting through a Canadian server.

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@Nighthawk Are you sure about that? If you are on mobile data, even when you are on a carrier overseas, you are given an IP address from Canada if your SIM card is from Canada.  This is called "backhaul".


I have a US line in addition to my Canadian one, and although I am connected to a Rogers tower, my IP address is from AT&T and shows the ISP is AT&T Mobility.  When I'm in the USA with a Telus line, it shows a Telus IP.  This is also the same in Europe. I have never seen a local IP address on a cell plan unless you are using a local carrier (and yes, I check that all the time).  When you go on wifi, obviously you get a local IP.  It has been this way for quite some time.