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Can I upgrade to the new iPhone in the fall with no penalty?

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My iPhone 5s  was stolen. I only had 6 months left on my contract. I want to get another 5s. I don't really care for the iPhone 6 series. If I pay off my phone and get a 5s on a new 2 year plan can I upgrade to the iPhone 7 in the fall on the same 2 year plan.  I thought that when I first got my 5s telus offered me the upgrade option for $99. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you get a new 5S on a new plan, you would have to pay out the subsidy before upgrading. You could either pay a lump sum this fall when the new iPhones come out, or pay it out monthly until the phone is paid off in two years.

You could look for a used 5S, a lesser phone or even the 6 or 6S (they aren't THAT bad 😉  )

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