Can I send files through bluetooth?


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Bluetooth file transferring isn't enabled on all devices. Near Field Communication (NFC) is now more commonly used to share files between two devices. 

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The steps can vary depending on which phone you have and what type of files you're trying to transfer. If you have an Android device, this may work:


1) Turn on Bluetooth on your phone(Settings>Bluetooth) & make sure the other device you are sending the file to has their Bluetooth on as well.

2) Go to your Gallery and open the photo/video you want to share.

3) At the bottom you should see an icon to "Share"

4) Tap Bluetooth

5) Choose which device you would like to send the file to (If you do not see the receiving device in the list tap scan)

6) A box may pop up asking you for permission to send the file or for a password

7) Tap send.