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Call Block Wireless Home Phone


I recently switched from the regular Home Phone service to the Wireless Home Phone service.  Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be the Call Block feature available on Wireless Home Phone as there is on regular Home Phone.  Because there isn't a cell phone involved, just the Alcatel cellular hub, I can't use any tools available for a cell phone to block calls. I currently have to rely on my own home phone functionality which can perform the same function but only after the call rings once to allow the phone to recognize the number, which is annoying.  Anyone have any ideas on who to block calls on the Wireless Home Phone service so that blocked numbers don't even ring?  Thanks (I've read all the other posts about call blocking and Mobility service but my question is specific to the Wireless Home Phone service where there is no cellular phone device involved).


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you the Alcatel unit or th ZTE unit?  If Alcatel, you may be able to access the web interface by connecting it to a computer with an ethernet cable and typing into your browser's Address Bar. There is also a Smartphone Alcatel Wi-Fi Link App available from your App Store which allows you to access the interface from a smart phone.


Note: I do not know if accessing this interface will allow you to set blocked calls.


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I have the Alcatel unit and have connected via the web interface.  It is pretty finicky as to which network port you connect to and so far I haven't been able to turn on the wifi which is needed for the app.  By default wifi is disabled and maybe when it is just used for the wireless home phone and not as a cellular data service the wifi can't be turned on.  Anyway I'll play with it a bit more and see if I can discover anything else interesting about the Alcatel box.