Bring your own phone - no credit check/no contract plan with data over 3gb?


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I have bad credit and cannot get a contract. I need a phone line with unlimited texting and calling nationwide, and 3gb of data minimum or higher for a total of 70$ or less.


Is there any plans like that? I basically need a line under 70$, where i could have 3gb or over 3gb of data included with the unlimited talk and text.


Is there any plans close to this? Keep in mind I cannot get a contract since I have my credit file that's going through collection. So I need like a month to month plan, with no credit check required.


Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer my question! It's really appreciated.

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Currently the things you want would require a post paid account. Telus pay as you go does not offer unlimited nationwide, or 3gb data+. The best pay as you go plan offers 1GB of Data, and you can purchase another 1GB of data (addon) for an extra charge.


Without a credit check, you will not be able to get a post paid account. That's not to say you still can't get a post paid account. (These accounts offer the better value compared to pay as you go). Telus may require a security deposit or decline you outright for a post paid account. You would be best to visit a Telus mobility store and go over your options.


Without a credit check, you will only be able to get a pay as you go account (pre paid). Telus Pre Paid plans.


You can also try Koodo for their prepaid plans and compare both.





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Note: according to this help article, you can stack data and other Add-ons to enjoy more than one in a month.


Public Mobile (a Telus subsidiary) offers unlimited Canada-wide text and voice with 4GB of data for $80 per 30 days. It is a prepaid service, and only provides connectivity within Canada. If you choose a 120 day option, your costs can be even lower.




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TELUS Employee
These other posters are correct that we need a credit check for post aid however, bad credit doesn't guarantee we will not activate you. We do offer 2 types of our credit limit program for people with poor or young adults with no credit established yet. You would not be able to exceed $200/$250 a month or you'll be suspended until you can catch up. We could do a credit check and see if you qualify but it does hurt your credit to do too many credit checks. If you plan on doing another one in a couple months then it's up to you if it's worth it or not. Our month to month unlimited Canada wide plan for 2.5 gb is $85. You call client care and ask for the sales team they may be able to help with the plan price.
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