Black Friday 2018 - Double Data promo

I’m interested in Telus’ BF promo for double the data. I want to know how long do you get to keep double the data? Do you get to keep it for as long as you have the plan, or for 24 months? For example, if I wanted 4Gb + 4Gb, will I have 8GB for as long as I keep the plan, or 8GB x 24 months only, then only 4Gb/mo thereafter?
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Community Power User
You will keep the promo rate as long as you have the plan. When it comes time to upgrade your phone unless you purchase a phone outright the plan will be lost.

Generally you will be offered a phone for $0 or X amount when changing rate plans. Many people jumped on the 10GB for $60 plans (when offered) will be in this position if they ever want to upgrade.

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