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Billed for Texts to the US that i never made


Just wondering if any of you have ever had the problem of being billed for texts you never sent?  This is the 2nd time I'm being billed for texts sent to a number in the US that I never sent.  The first time the charges were about $100 but Telus was willing to waive.  This time the charges are for $52.  When they waived it last time they basically told me that if it ever happens again that I am responsible for the charges.  It felt like they were accusing me of actually sending the text but don't want to pay for it.  I have been with Rogers and Bell before and never had this ever happened.  I don't recoginized the number nor do i have any record of the text on my phone.  Telus seems to think that someone is using my phone to text but i don't share my phone with anyone.  I dont care if they force me to pay the charge but what happens when this happens again and for a larger amount?  This is already a 2nd time.

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.  


Community Power User
Community Power User

You could protect yourself financially by purchasing the International texting add on for $10/month, but I suggest you want them to delve deeper into why you are being billed.


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I barely ever message the US so rather not spend the extra money if not necessary. I did ask them to investigate last time and they told me they tried calling the number and it's legit number. The final result was that they basically told me that it's either me or someone I know using my phone to text. So they waived the charges out of courtesy but it will never happen again essentially indirectly telling me that I did the texting but don't want to pay for it.

Do those US phone numbers show up in your SMS history? The amounts you describe are not from just one or two messages. Are all the messages outgoing only?

You may also want to check which apps on your iPhone have permission to send SMS.

As a last resort consider changing your SIM.

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Community Power User

Is it an Android phone? There are some malicious apps out there that used to do that and some Android malware or viruses that have done that in the past also. They're not common but they do exist. Many had sent SMS messages separately from the default messaging app on the phone. Try looking up the phone number in the US that the texts were sent to. If it's malware and other users have caught it in the past sometimes looking up the number could provide some hints.

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It's an iphone. I looked up the number but nothing useful came up except that the number was search 20 or so times in the last few months.