Better Wireless Service for ness lake residents in fraser fort george a bC v2K5M6


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Very Very popular lake! over hundreds come here to go boating, swimming and there are also 100ish people that reside on the lake. but there is no service available on this lake,  it makes it very hard to text, call or browse the web not only would adding a tower in this area would bring in more revenue it will increase public safety and increase capacity in this area. filling in 100s of coverage gaps as well. will look forward to hearing back from some people and in creased coverage! only on Canada's best 4G LTE network!   


I'm not sure it makes sense financially to put a tower there. It costs well over half a million dollars to install a cell tower in an area already wired for high speed internet, not to mention all the miscellaneous expenses that might pop up. To put it in an area with only 100 residents is not likely to happen unless the local municipality or provincial government deem it necessary (like they have with HWY 1)


My suggestion would be enjoy the peace and quiet while you are on the lake and buy a Sat phone for emergencies. 😛

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