Better Deals at End of Contract VS Two Months Before End of Contract


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Helpful Neighbour

I see that I have certain offers available to me right now (2 months before my contract ends).  I'm wondering, if I wait the last 2 months until my 3 year contract is done, does the offer get better or would it be the same as it is now?


It's the same. Generally, within 3 months of your contract end date, you can renew without the Early Upgrade Fee or paying off the device balance.


Jason's right, except that it's 4 months, not 3 😉


I'm pretty sure it's 3 months. It was 6 months before but then Telus changed it to 3 months. When'd they switch to 4?


Keep in mind that reps do have the power to let you upgrade early,  and if you're on a business account (not the Business Personal)  then you're on a different update schedule too. 


Hi Beth, once you're within the 4 month mark of your contract you're free to upgrade with out having to pay the rest of your device balance off. You can upgrade now, wait until your contract is up, or you can wait as long until there is a phone on the market that interests you. The choice is yours 🙂


Its three months if the client is on an existing two year contract and 4 if they are on an existing 3 year. other factors can account to offer renewals without penaltys such as payment history and whether or not the client is in good standing with telus(i.e. suspended lines etc)