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BEWARE Telus Agents Complaints and false information



Yesterday, we received a call from Jelord of Sales Support, who offered us a mobility plan for 70.00 CAD for two person, which is why we decided to switch to Telus. He also offered us two tablets without any charge since we planned to get device too, which we accepted. Good thing the call has been monitored and recorded.


However, after the call, we received an activation stating that we will be charged 85.00 per month, which is far from the 70.00 that Jelord advised us. Furthermore, two charges of 85.00 each were activated, and we were informed that we will be charged 10.00 per month for the tablets. The reason we only accepted the 70.00 offer is that we are currently paying FIDO 39.00 per month, which is an ideal deal for us.


Regrettably, we have spent more than two hours calling the mobility department, and we spoke to an unprofessional customer support agent named Victor. He just laughed because he can't find our account and hung up on us. Despite telling them that we need to be transferred to the mobility department, we were transferred multiple times. We have made the decision to cancel all plans. If this issue is not resolved, we will not hesitate to file a complaint with CRTC against TELUS.


Are you sure you didn't fall for a scam? Telus doesn't just call non-customers hoping to sign them up.

Nope. We are existing customers. But yeah Telus employees are big scam. They were paid for nothing.