Apple Watch Plan for Corporate Accounts

@DanR I am wondering if you can help me with setting up my AppleWatch with my corporate Government of Alberta account. I have had the previous version attached and activated. I cancelled the plan since my watch broke and I was waiting for AppleWatch 5. Now I’m being told that they had activated the old ones by mistake and there is nothing they can do. Hoping you could help.
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Community Manager

Hey @Hockeystar, unless you're listed as an authorized admin on the account, you will probably need to have your IT administrator call in to have this done. With large government accounts, there isn't really a way around this due to security policies. If there are any specific details pertaining to this that you need to review, please feel free to PM and I'll be happy to have a chat about it!

Thanks @DanR, pm’d you. Thanks in advance for your help
Hi Dan - I’ve come across this thread and am having this same difficulty setting up my Apple Watch. I’ve called in twice and talked for nearly two hours each time and still no luck. Since you seemed to have an understanding of this issue, hoping you might be able to help me!
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I’m in the same boat in trying to get my new Apple Watch activates under my EPP Peace of Mind Plus account. Please pm me if you’ve had luck in with this. TIA

Hey guys, has anyone heard any update on this?