Adding a Line - switching from another service provider


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I am currently a Telus customer, but my fiance has a phone with another service provider.  He has just over 1 year left on his contract, but he would like to switch to Telus so that we can bundle our services (i.e. add a line). Does Telus offer any incentives to customers from other service providers to switch over?  I am fairly positive he will have to pay a fee for terminating his contract early with his current provider.   



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As far as I know, he will only have to pay out his remaining device balance. He would then be able to avail of the BYOD pricing from Telus. This should make it a wash.
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Hi Jsicoly, in addition to what @NFtoBC said you can give the Sales Team a jingle at 1-888-692-8888 to see what incentives they can offer to bring you on board!  🙂