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$2/ megabyte? Is this a joke? I'm switching to Rogers.

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The pay per use rate for a megabyte is $2. For Rogers, the pay per use rate is $0.15 for a megabyte. Telus charges 13.3x more than Rogers for this service. For a multi billion dollar company, you would think that you could at least try to be competative. 


I encourage all pay as you go customers to switch to Rogers asap. $2 for a megabyte is an absolute insult. I am disgusted.

Also, your customer service is a joke too, Telus. I've been on the line for 20 minutes, with no choice to chat with a human over a typing interface. Absolutely shameful policies...


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Im switching to telus today from Bell.

Have you looked at Rogers prepaid plans?
They are way more expensive!
$30 with rogers gives you 250mb and 50.min calls and regular text
Telus gives you unlimited nationwide calls, int text, 500mb data and another 500mb on autotop. Bell gives 1.5gb

Rogers $65 gives unlimited after 6pm and 1gb,
Telus is $40 for unl nationwide, and 1gb plus 500mb on autotopup

Rogers prepaid plans in comparion suck sorry to say


Shaw Mobility now has $0 plans with unlimited texting and calling across Canada.


Data is either $10 for 1Gb or $45 for 25Gb with throttled internet after the cap is reached

You also need to have a cable internet plan with Shaw to be eligible for those plans. Plus you're limited to Freedom mobile's rather spotty network and have tiny data caps if you're outside of it.

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Prices for non Shaw customers, add $15. Very reasonable prices.

I've had the service for a couple of weeks. Its been great from Courtney, through Nanaimo, to Vancouver and out to the Fraser Valley.

I think Freedom/Shaw Mobile has had challenges with network coverage in the past, but it's worked very well for me so far. I'm seeing 75Mb's on speed tests at home with wifi turned off.

You also need to consider how fast the connections are not just the price and amount of data. A high data cap is meaningless if you can't get there because the connection is too slow or doesn't apply because you are roaming.