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10GB PLAN for $60 and phone upgrade question?


I got the 10GB plan but paying $85 because of a phone upgrade. I also had to pay an upfront fee for the phone as well. My question is after the 2 years and the phone is paid off will the plan revert back to $60? I am basically paying $25 more a month but that is too pay the phone off ($600 over 2 years). If the plan won't revert back to $60 after the 2 years then its better to buy a phone out right and pay $60 a month. I can't get a hold of TELUS online chat and I can't even get through on *611. 

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Hi Dru,


I know the volume issue was not planned for. I too am in customer service.


If you can share with Telus, there is no reason to have people wait on hold for hours, then be told after 2:02 minutes by a nice voice over that she "appreciates my patience and to try again later."


I'm a long-time Telus customer and have shared my delight with Telus customer service several times in the past.



Don't make people wait in the middle of the Eaton centre mall, lined up for the in store application process, fielding general Christmas shopper passersby questions, then later, when met by a representative in store, tell the existing customer this can only be done by telephone (not online or instore)   


Do Different:

If you cannot handle volume, you open the channel wider to meet the demand, extend the deadline to accommodate techno difficulties or give existing Telus customers, who don't owe on their plan, a proactive communication to take advantage of this plan.


This is not a great holiday gift to staff who have to deal with frustrated customers either. 



my telus number 416-999-4708. I guess I won't get the 10GB for 60$ as I won't sit on hold again, then told to call in again,  without asking me if I'd like a callback.


Is Telus offering existing customers the same plan but at $85/mth, like Rogers?? Just changed my wife plan at Rogers to new 10gb but didn't have to break the contract and pay only $85/mth and the plan never expires either

According to store reps, the $60 promo is only for off-contract BYOD customers (new and existing), and $85 promo includes the same features but allows some subsidy on a new phone (e.g. iPhone X would be $800 on 2 year term with $85 monthly plan). Existing customers who are already on contract will have to buy out their existing contract to switch to either of these promos.

That's too bad! Well I have been with Telus since clearnet days (about 20yrs).. thankfully I am also a long time Rogers client too and I will be moving to them since Telus has no loyalty to existing customers

Friendly Neighbour

just got dropped from the call I was on for 2hrs:02minutes! sent a note to their CS twitter rep.  Not sure what else I can do??

Has happened to me 4 times in the last couple days, finally got through. Their computers are slow, my rep Sharon had to call me back after rebooting her computer. It’s a great deal. Don’t give up. 

Friendly Neighbour

Been on the CS line now for 1:48 and counting....   over 13 years a customer, since they were Clearnet...   I was told a few weeks ago when I was looking to upgrade my phone that my legacy plan was "untouchable" at $60 for 5gb and 500mins...  so I bought a used phone outright.   Would like to take advantage of this promo for sure

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When I called in to switch my plan the automated message provides an email to do this but it’s impossible to understand what he is saying. Is it ?

I’m also unsure what the email address is. I thought they said

I also thought it was - can someone confirm what the email address is? (And maybe spell it phonetically in the recorded message?)

When does it give you an email? I've had to call multiple times cause the IVR just hangs up on me after 2 hours of waiting.. not once have I heard anything about an email

I hear this message after I enter my current phone number and get redirected to the "Corporate [Accounts] Main Menu".

So it's probably only for those people who are part of a corporate discount plan or EPP (Employee Purchase Program).

I had the exact same experience, and live quite far from a Telus store. I'm hoping that after years of loyalty to Telus, they will honour the offer.

After my last attempt yesterday, I e-mailed about switching plans and explained my situation. It hasn't bounced back as yet and hopefully they get back to me saying that they will honour the deal.

My wife was able to switch her plan on Virgin mobile within 45 minutes and asked if I wanted to switch to Virgin because we could actually get through to them. Time will tell if my loyalty in Telus was well worth it or misplaced.

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The longer you stay with one provider the more expensive you pay and the worse plan you get. management are compensated for growing client base that’s why new customers are offered better plan than existing customers. Initially the 10GB $60 plan was only offered to new customers and they quickly changed it due to complaints from existing customers. Rogers taught me this lesson 10 years ago. Loyalty does not get you much these days.

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Waited in chat queue for 3 hours & 41 mins and was disconnected when it was my turn. Then tried to call and waited on hold for 1 hour and was then disconnected. Any suggestions Telus??

Same issue here, can't get through chat or phone with customer service...

I am on hold 1 hour, and their live chat seems to be disabled. 


at the very least, the live chat should have agents on during working hours 9am to 5pm minimum, its Monday....

This is absolutely ridiculous

I think if you switch carriers you can get the same deal in a best buy or other store that sells phones and plans

I still can't get through.  Switched to Fido today - for some reason Telus doesn't want to keep existing customers who have been loyal to them for years.

 I called in at 6am PST  and  had been on hold for 2.5 hours and then got disconnected. I am now trying the chat option as I cannot sit on the phone while I am at work