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From Canada and visiting in Florida. May I use a 1-800 number to call in Canada? If yes, does it use my minutes or go on roaming charge when I have a US package?
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Hi, the 1-800 normally covers the long-distance fee if you're located inside Canada. If it's a company number, make sure that they don't have a specific for users travelling to the U.S since you'll be using a U.S mobile network so you'll be paying roaming fees. It normally doesn't matter who you're calling, a Canadian mobile user will always be roaming on a different provider's network.

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Hi If you have purchase a package calling to a 1800 number will use the minutes that the roaming package includes since you are traveling outside of your home country.

When you are in Canada and you are calling a 1800 number you will only use your minutes but long distance charges will not apply.


Bruce Gordon

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