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hello ive been with telus for about 8 years, alsways had great signal at my home, recently after a power outage the signal only comes and goes, ive talk to neighbours and they too are having same problem. is it poss that a tower has been taken out? postal code area is e2s2y3 this is really annoying as we have a teenager that text us to come get him at nights and we dont get the text for sometimes 2 or 3 hours after he sends,(ex: i receeive a text at 8:23pm and it tells me he sent at 6:54pm,

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You are probably better off calling into tech support. Also ensure your neighbors all call too. If there are multiple reports from one area, Telus is more likely to look at it faster.

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As Nighthawk said you're likely better off contacting the Data Network Assistance team for this particular issue you're experiencing.


One thing you can do if you have a smartphone device with a data connection is download the Telus Network Experience app. It's free and allows you to send notifications directly to the teams that can best address network issues like this. It cuts out the middle man by no having to call into client care, and it's much faster. I've included the links to the app in the respective ecosystem app catalogues. It's available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry OS7. Unfortunately at this time it's not available for Windows Phone or Blackberry 10.


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