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telus internet key

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What does a telus internet key do and do you need a plan to operate it?

What is the best device to use to get internet when you are camping?


CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Internet keys are USB modems that provide internet to laptops.  Unlike hotspots or using your phone, they rely on the laptop battery.

If you have tablets or want to share the connection with more than one device at the same time. A mobile hotspot is preferred.

Note if you have a smartphone, there's a mobile hotspot feature on the newer phones. I often use my BlackBerry 9810 or Q10 to give my wifi iPad internet connection when travelling. Warning, the hot spot feature drains batteries double or triple times faster.

With regards to camping...

  • is there Telus coverage? Will you be paying roaming charges if are in the US?
  • do you have 120v power for your laptop and internet device?  Otherwise, once you laptop battery is dead, it becomes a paperweight.
  • does the campground have wifi? Please consider a VPN to avoid data eavesdropping.
  • have you considered "glamping"?
  • does the campground have a business centre you can use?