samsung galaxy s4 mobile data wont work


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i just switched sim card form an iphone 4s to a galaxy s4, and my data wont work at all, i have it on..


Hi sam12345, it's hard to troubleshoot a data issue without having access to your account or your phone but tell me, are you able to use the Samsung S4 with a Wi-fi service?


Hi-sam12345: Goto settings >Tap-Data usage >Review if the option [Mobile data is checked if not-Check it. You'll see another option called [Set mobile Data limit] leave it unchecked unless, you wanto 'Set a limit' in the data, like 500 MB, 1GB,.etc. Applies if you're exceeding the default Data in your plan.


In the same screen, scroll-down until find the App [Software Update] >Tap it +Scrolldown until, you see the option [Restrict background data] if find it checked, Unchecked-unless you wanto [Restrict background Data-No recommended] Turn Off/phone +Re-start it. If no fixed contact-Telus at *611 or <> PS report results to forum.. Bye "v9"

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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