if you update apps on macbook pro, should you be billed for data when syncing with iphone?


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i just did an update on my macbook pro and synced to my iphone.  I seem to have burned through a huge amount of data and I am wondering what happened?

I thought if you ran the updates on the computer and synced to the phone that there was no associated data usage.

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Because your phone is on data... YES it counts.

Try a similar experiment with data disabled or with the SIM card removed. Without data, the updates will not work!

When did you do the update? If you go to the Telus Mobility website and look at your hourly usage, you should see a spike during the download.

Personally I avoid using the cellular data with a regular computer/laptop. Mainly because these devices do not use mobile sites and maximizes the bandwidth.
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If you updated the apps in iTunes, then synced the iPhone, there should be no use of cellular data. If you used the App store application (on the iPhone) while connected to WiFi, there should be no use of cellular data. If you used the App store Application while connected only to cellular, there would be cellular data consumed.


You can update Apps in iTunes without the phone being connected to the computer. Just go to "Library" then select "Apps" from the drop down on the left of the screen. (ITunes 11.1)

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