iOS 8.0.1 warning

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iOS 8.0.1 warning


iOS-8.0.2 is out


Mysterious hacker, known as U2, who put mysterious sound files in Apple users accounts, still at large. Smiley Tongue



The below images are just for fun. Any attempt to replicate these acts means another sad day for the future of this world.



Phew, I thought you meant the new iBend was faulty. And you thought a super slim phone was going to be perfect to fit in your super skinny jeans.





Still not as drastic as the iWave. Google already has wireless charging perfected. Not sure why Apple even tried.






@Nighthawk There is hope for humanity yet! lol 😄 Apparently if you put the blackberry passport inside an actual passport it will recharge the device!... not... 😄

Does the iOS 8.0.1 update finally fix that waterproofing feature from iOS 7? 😉

Definitely made me lawl @nasty 

iPhone power user

I'm still surprised people are losing their minds over the microwave thing. That joke was done over a year ago last time when iOS7 or the iPhone 5 came out that no one seems to remember. 🙂

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@xl wrote:
Huge mess.



We need an option for a power Windows phone now!


I've been waiting so long for a high end MS based phone and now that the rest of the world has it, Telus doesn't offer it.   Sigh.  😞