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how to get started with web browsing

Just Moved In

I have never done any web browsing on my Android phone, so now I am attempting to configure the phone to enable web browsing.  I have switched off the "data block" add-on.  I have a voice plan, and one add-on called "Pay-Per-Use Data".  Is this sufficient for web browsing and where can I find price information on this plan?



I would highly suggest getting a data plan to try it out. Even the smallest one. Pay per use + data sounds like an extremely expensive alternative. Get one of their flex data plans and as it is optional you can cancel it if you want.

I would highly recommend keeping the data block on in your case as you do not have a data package. Removing it means that, from the point you've turned it off, you are probably incurring data charges at pay-per-use rates (which are extremely high).


Please try browsing with an internet source from your home, friends home, family, coffee shop, McDonalds, etc. Where ever you can find an internet connection your phone can be used for browsing. This is FREE! I would also recommended, for your convenience, an app called Smart WIFI Toggler. This will make it so you do not even have to worry about turning on and off your wifi connection and your phone will do it for your as you reach a known internet connection.


BUT PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR DATA RIGHT AWAY! I don't want you to be hit with a big bill next month.



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