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New phone

Hi I would like to upgrade my phone and would like to know if u can wave the $ 140.00 dollars my phone keep dropping my call

Tammy88 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Samsung Galaxy Note4 pay as you go

Going to Cuba and I have a pay as you go plan. I know I can't use it in Cuba but wondering (dumb question) if I can use phone for pictures. It takes great pics.Thanks

Kaybee01 by Organizer
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Signal booster in Vancouver Island

Hi there, wondering is there a dedicated signal booster approved by Telus, and known to have good result in south Vancouver Island? As the signal do drop out here.

xfishie by Neighbour
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Resolved! Upgrading phone using my existing plan

I am looking at getting an unlocked iPhone 7. I want to know if I can just continue using my current plan I have for the 4s? Or does Telus make you change your plan?

Caniwi by Neighbour
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Resolved! KEYone

Just announced....

xl by CPU Alum
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Resolved! Carrier changed

Hello,I'm currently travelling to ASIA. I'm new to travelling overseas in general and from friendly tips I was advised to tick OFF Cellular Data. Before leaving Toronto.My concern is that even with Cellular Data turned off. Why is my Carrier changing...

Rk24 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Trade in program??

how long do you have to wait to trade in your iphone for credit for a new one? i've had mine for 10 and a half months so do i have to wait a full year or can i trade it in now?

Resolved! HTC

Is telus no longer carrying HTC devices?

JK by Just Moved In
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No Network Connection

So apparently my SIM is good and activated and my phone has no problems but they can't get it to connect to the Telus network. Anyone have this issue before. They told me to contact the DNA department but so far I've been given garbage info or asked ...

Luczak79 by Just Moved In
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