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Resolved! Why cant my LG C555 SILVER HSPA Access Picture msg Directly

When I recieve a Picture msg I get a text saying New Pic Msg view at is there any way to just recieve the Picture Msg directly? Warning Rant Below I forget my snap password all too often, why is it that Telus has a seperate acc...

wifi issues with samsung galaxy mega

No connection issues with any of our other cells in our home. My phone (galaxy mega) says "not in range" and I can be standing right next to the modem. It will only connect if I restart my phone but only stays connected for a few mins. Totally going ...

hayleigh by Just Moved In
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Re: how do I boost low/ no signal in my house

I have the same question .The Wilson 841262 DB pro 3G with Omni antenna has the best reviews and is said to work with all USA networks except iDEN and Nextel.There is no mention of Telus. It is dual band 824-894 and 1850-1990.One person said telus wo...

rkkmpc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! misplaced cell phone

Is it possible to find out date the last time my cell phone was used. Out of the country for 4 months, upon return unable to location my Cphone which I thought I left at home in Canada. Calling the number now goes directly to voice box. Wonder what m...

heldong by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How is the Ipad service through telus

so i've just recently started thinking about signing up for iPad services through telus i was wondering if i could possibly get some feed back on how the service with the devices are before i go ahead and purchase one

Julian by Organizer
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Resolved! rapid battery discharge

battery on S2 been discharging even when phoneplugged into charger.bought new battery.closeall apps.reset phone.checked for malware andviruses.tried 3 different chargers,wall and USB.if i turn phone off it will charge but takes 9+hoursfrom 40% to ful...

daleks by Friendly Neighbour
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Hi. My husband needed a new phone so he took over mine and I bought a new phone. They are both IPhone4s. My problem is I forgot to take my SIM card. I put a new one in my new phone and left mine in my old phone. Now my husband gets all my email, aler...

em4toni by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Motorola Moto G Manual

There does not seem to be a listing for the Moto G phone on the Mobility website. Yet I just got one last week and they have been around for over 6 months. What is going on? I wanted to find info for my phone. Is this an oversite?

PaulMcG by Neighbour
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Resolved! Hearbleed on Android devices

I was informed by my mobile security, Lookout, that my device is vulnarable to the hearbleed bug and my OS should be updated. Will Telus be releasing an update soon, and when?

iamknadn by Just Moved In
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