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Resolved! My Galaxy S4 got a KitKat download while in the states

I was in the states this weekend. My phone was roaming to AT&T. On Saturday night, I got a message that KitKat was downloaded and was waiting for me to press Install. I chose Cancel but the choices were different reminder time periods, the longest be...

Resolved! Windows Phone 8 Apps

I am a recent convert from iOS and Android and I'm looking for app recommendations. I'm a heavy social media user, so Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc would be awesome. I'm also interested in productivity apps.

Resolved! text ringtone for individuals

hello i have an iphone 4, well how do i make certain text tones for different people, it keeps using the defaul text and no sounds what do i do thank u if i can get a diagram or an answer would be great, GOD BLESS