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Switching to a unlocked used phone?

Hi, I was planning to buy a friends used and unlocked Nexus 5, and just switch my SIM card from my Iphone to the Nexus 5. However, I was told by a customer support rep on the phone I would have to activate the phone through customer service or at a s...

thedata55 by Just Moved In
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How do I find the owners of a stolen phone

I recently bought a phone off a guy and I tried hooking it up and it says it was reported lost or stollen, how do I find the owners of the phone, so I can at least give it back to them, I'm out 360$ but I guess that's what I get for buying a phone of...

Xkissesxx by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Unlocking an iPhone 4G knowing that the contract is over

Hello,My uncle, who lives in Canada, came here to Lebanon for a month vacation. He has his old iPhone 4G with him and would like to use it here. Knowing that this iPhone is locked, he could not do anything about it. And since he is not really a compu...

Ka by Just Moved In
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I'm about to buy my first smart phone and let go of our land line and my flip phone. How much memory does a new user need? I intend to use the phone for email, texts, calls, maps, and simple Google level research, especially when travelling. I may do...

Whamps by Just Moved In
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Issues with S3 Update to KitKat

I have recently updated my Galaxy S3 to KitKit and since then I have had issues with all google related products and noticifications plus WhatsApp. With Gmail, Hangouts and WhatsApp I don't receive any notifications unless I open up the app and refre...

kmckay by Just Moved In
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Resolved! call back

hello i was cut off from a half hour conversation with a agent about my account# XXXXXXXX can i please have a call back at 5:00pm july11 2014 at XXX-XXX-XXXX as my current telus phone is broken

Resolved! annoying 9999999999 texts!!!

I get 2-3 texts a day from 9999999999, how do I stop this bullcrap?? i heard telus themselves is the one giving out our numbers...maybe i need to leave telus for another supplier. Any advive would be greatly appreciated. thanx

Voicemail Settings for unlocked International Note 2?

My voicemail number was set as 647-580-4001 and was not working. It would call but I would never hear anything. I changed it to my mobile 10 digit number and now it works. It worked previously, though, and I did not change a setting. Was it supposed ...

unL33T by Just Moved In
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Upgrading my android version

I have a Galaxy SII X running on an old version of android. I want to upgrade but when trying to connect to Kies, it says that it does not recognize my device. I am asked to upgrade to version 3 (which should not support my device) and when I did I g...

AdamS by Just Moved In
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