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How to rollback Samsung s6 to Android 5 after Marshmallow update?

Hi there!I just updated my s6 to the latest Android 6, and it is a buggy OS. The most annoying bug that makes me hate my own phone and everyone who guilty in the bug is: I have to do 2 additional steps each and every time I unlock my phone!I use patt...

Sergey by Just Moved In
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HTC 10

Hey guys, just wondering, does anyone know if Telus is going to carry the new HTC 10? I seen they dropped the HTC M9 a couple months back, not sure why. Thanks.

randomeQT by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Sim card for iphone 5s

I had an iphone 4 but recently bought an Iphone 5s to switch to because I didn't want to change my plan for a more expensive one and the customer rep wouldn't do anything other for me than try to convince me to basically take on a plan that was an ex...

Magn1235 by Just Moved In
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Can't log in

I'm trying to use the mobile app but when I log in it says wanting for account manger to approve but I never got an email for validation

Resolved! Marshmallow update causes Bluetooth and WiFi problems

I recently updated my LG G3 phone to Android 6.0.0. My phone was working fine before this update. I have two new problems after the update: 1. After answering a phone call with my Bluetooth headset the Bluetooth connection is dropped. I have to recon...

YLWGuy by Friendly Neighbour
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Why does Telus charge me to unlock my phone when I bought the phone from day one? Costco now sells unlocked Galaxy cell phones at a fraction.

Bluehowz by Just Moved In
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Unlock iPhone 6

I bought iPhone 6, which is Locked to Telus. I want to get it unlocked. So for that do I need to be Telus customer ? What is the cost of iPhone 6 unlocking.Thanks

Maha by Just Moved In
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