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iPhone will not pick up Wi-Fi
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Community Power User
Is WiFi turned on on the phone? Is it set to join new networks? Is the WIFi device (router) broadcasting its SSID? Does this happen at one place or many?

More information is needed to offer any advice.
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Sorry to hear about your WiFi problems. As NFtoBC said more information would be helpful, but with what you've given us there are a few possible solutions. Some of these may seem silly but I'm just included them in case.


If WiFi isn't turned on it's a super easy fix but I'll assume you know whether your WiFi is turn on or off.


If WiFi is turned on and you're not able to see the networks available to you, make sure your router is turned on.


If WiFi isn't able to turn on (it may be greyed out in the options) you may need a replacement device. If you're within a year (1 years if you purchased Applecare+) of your purchase date you'll likely still have a warranty. Visit your nearest Telus store and they should be able to order you a replacement device.


One last thing you can do is try a network settings reset. Go to Settings>General>Reset>Network Settings Reset


The network settings reset will not erase any of your important info like photos, apps, or music. All it does is reset any settings related to the radios in your device (WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth).


Let us know if anything works, or respond with some more info and we'll do our best to help you out!