Why must users wait 90 days before unlock?


Why must users wait 90 days before unlock?

I inquired through 3 people at Telus but hit dead-ends with each level of escalation.


I had a gradeschool discussion as nobody had explanations, just responses. People need to understand that not all replies are answers.


My question stands- why must we wait 90 days, when some of us wish to travel and use our phones on other networks?

The only near-answer I got was to allow proof of billing to be built up, and to cut down on some sort of pirate issue where people give phones away and others reset them and use them on the network, thus incurring cost to Telus. Or some similar fantasy reason.


But really, I disabled factory reset and made it so only my thumbprint can open, reset, or use my phone.


Why do I have to wait 90 days to unlock my phone?


I don't want to hear:


- Its our policy

That doesn't answer my question.

- Its the rule Telus has implimented, sir.

That still doesn't answer my question.

- Bell doesn't even unlock their phones. So Telus is offering you a service.

But that still doesn't answer my question.

- We only started unlocking phones. You should be grateful it can be done at all.

Nguhhh....that still doesn't answer my question.

- Its like asking us why our 1 gig data plan costs $20 instead of $50. Its up to us.

Yeah but you don't give it away for free after 90 days. Invalid example. Still doesn't answer my question.


You're saying that after 91 days you can unlock a users phone, but not 89 days. And you don't know why. And nothing changes for Telus or for the user. Except it costs money for the user for you to press a button.



If you can do it right away while in a store you might do it and remember it for when you travel. If they make you wait you forget about it and when you travel it is then roaming. Also they have made sure they have gotten 3 months of service charges before you can cancel and unlock it. Also Bell does unlock devices.


Anytime hun. 🙂

"It's our policy" may be a valid reason NFtoBC, but it is not an explanation! Please understand my language carefully.

It's also terrible customer relations service. All it does is encourage users to buy their phones outright- something telus does not want.

Thanks for the link Kitty- I will review.
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"It's our policy" is a completely valid reason, and there is absolutely no requirement on the part of Telus (or any other business) to have to justify their company policy to you or any other customer.  Your choice as a consumer is to make a descision based on the information presented to you as to whether you want to engage in the transaction.


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I understand where you're coming from simplex, even I am a P&T consumer have no way of unlocking my phone as well but I've read some infos on the CRTC website that lighten up the questions in my head. You can feel free to check on the document online, same as what I did.
Just got to this link and hit CTRL + F then type Unlocking.