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Why is Telus customer service so terrible?

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I ordered 2 new iPhones to upgrade my wife and my older phones. I received one of them and I was informed the other was on back order a week after I ordered it, even though Apple can ship them next day right now. Instead of upgrading like I requested they set up a whole new account and I can't transfer my number from the old phone. There are no online agents and minimum wait time is over an hour every time I call, I don't have that kind of time in my life right now. So I'm forced to pay for 3 accounts because I can't cancel my old accounts online and transfer the number to the new phone. This is some god awful customer service, perhaps the worst I've encountered


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @TrevorJ  sorry to hear about the delays in shipping your device.  However, for the device you received you should be able to login to your My account and complete the swap of the sim to transfer the number to the new device. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

You should be able to move the SIM from the old phones to the new phones. The new account can be cancelled.

You can't transfer a phone number between post paid accounts. However, your existing accounts should provide the services you need.

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Their customer service is terrible because they offshore it all with Telus International, their international call center company.

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I would recommend calling their sales line instead! I gave up on the service line after an hour but when I called the number for opening an account I got a rep within 2 minutes. This is not a staffing problem, telus could easily reduce wait times if they chose to, but why would they?

The number was 1-877-613-8463