Why can't I get picture messages?


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I have a Samsung Ace2 X. I don't have a data plan but I do have unlimited text and picture messaging. Why can't I receive any pictures?

Do I need a data plan? Even with wifi I can't receive any pictures.


Pictures are sent using the data network so if you don't have access to the mobile data, you won't receive any pictures. Wifi gives you web access but not the network's web, so that's why you can't receive or send pictures.

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Make sure auto-updating of apps is turned off in the Play Store and on your phone itself - Settings > Accounts > sync off. This way, when you turn on data to enable MMS, you won't get charged.


Someone help me out here. Telus does have a "data services block" add-on option for clients... does this also disable picture messages from working or will they still be provisioned?

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If you have data blocked in your rate plan, than you won't be able to send mms. You also need to have your data enabled on your phone. MMS does not go through your wifi data.

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A lot of users have this problem. They cannot have a data services block on their account. So even though many users have unlimited MMS, they don't usually work because they choose to have the data block on their account in case they accidentally use data.