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Where to submit a bug report? Re: Note9 June30th OTA update.

Just Moved In


Howdy, just curious if there was a bug report for OTA firmware update?


June 30th (One UI 2.1, June 1st Security update) for the Samsung Note9 (QC version) borked the WQHD screen resolution and touch overlay after bootload (tried to render WQHD info on FHD resolution and touch no longer matches up), which makes login and navigation a hassle even if you figure out where button are they don't always accept it even if the numbers are correct.

Without DEX and external mouse & display and switching to FHD would've been stuck. Once in you can switch back to WQHD fine... until you reboot then encryption screen is fine, but after booting up back to 2/3rds screen, so it's obviously a resolution mismatch in the bootloader.


I already reported it to Samsung day 1 (when they had no other reports, with them following up on July 3rd saying they then had more reports (T-mobile users also got hit), also reported to 611 Tech Support.


Just wanted to make sure I covered all the bases so hopefully a fix could be included in the next update or a following one. Didn't want to comment on the update schedule page since it seems related to the schedule, and not for bug reports.





That definitely sounds like code Samsung is responsible for. Reporting to Telus doesn't hurt but they'll likely just relay it to Samsung.

You may want to check the XDA subforum for your device to see if anyone else reported it and start a post there if not.

Thanks, yeah, already did adding my name to the list there as well as on the Samsung and Sammobile forums. Might do a Telus specific thread there too. 🤔


Just wanted to make sure it was recorded within Telus' bug report outside of 611 tech support since they seemed helpful and recorded the issue but didn't see the most knowledgeable and was concerned it might get mis-reported as part the green-screen issue, in case Samsung queried if there were any reports for them, vs Tmobile, Sprint, Verizon etc. You know 'Squeaky Wheel' philosophy to perhaps get it addressed sooner rather than later if no one mentions it.


Since this code mis-match didn't crop up in the earlier German and Asian N9 UI 2.1 updates so it seems like it may be limited to Qualcomm N9s and therefore might not get as much feedback, especially when it also only affects a specific resolution many might not use if focusing on battery life... and which Samsung and Telus may be distracted from when the green screen issue is also still being addressed (thankfully haven't had that).


Anywhoo, just though I'd hit up all the resources for Telus so it's a known issue here too, and not just a one-off.


Not a major issue, can just work in FHD until it's fixed but a little disappointing to lose WQHD when battery is definitely not an issue with the N9 for me. Hope it come with the Aug update, instead of later in the Fall.