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Where is support for the eSIM?

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I’m on the verge of switching my 5 lines to Bell.

Why is TELUS not supporting eSIM yet? Can people opt in some sort of beta to get early access?



I posted above that Rogers doesn't support it yet. However within links of of a OOP ( I'm sure u know what OOP means). They have advised some of us ( some that work with Rogers head office mobile division) that Apple hasn't given Rogers the green light yet. It's known that Bell paid more money to use this feature before anyone else. It's Bell and I'm sure u know this.

Stop acting like you know so much then everyone else. You don't. This is why some don't pay attention to you. You did the same thing when you cried all over MS and other sites with ur situation with Apple. I don't care if you don't want to listen to me or not. That's your problem.

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Not sure how "waiting for Apple's green light" means that Bell paid for exclusivity. Also, saying "it"s known that Bell paid more money" without providing supporting evidence, is not an argument.
So, air pretty much.


P.S. just do like "some who don't pay attention to me" and move on to another thread.


If it's internally then how is one supposed to provide proof?. Most carriers and companies keep things like this hush hush. Last year a Bell rep leaked out that Bell had paid more to have the Apple Watch exlsusive to them thus able to use ESIM for it.

Some tech sites reported it but Bell quickly shut those pages down. One including MS which Ian made and was told to remove it within a couple of minutes of it being up.

Jsut because you think you know it all, doesn't mean you do.

Take care and have a goodnight!

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As I said earlier, I am not questioning the Apple Watch exclusivity allegations. The Apple Watch has an eSIM that is not open and that doesn't allow any carrier to be activated on it like it's the case for the iPhone.

What's questionable, is that Apple would tell Rogers and TELUS to not implement a feature that doesn't even only concern iPhones because Bell paid for that.
In other words, it's as if Bell paid Apple to have exclusivity on the Name Caller ID, and then Apple said to Rogers and TELUS "you can't have that" because Bell paid for the exclusivity on it.

The nuance is that the iPhone has support for the full GSMA standard. The Apple Watch doesn't. That's why Apple would have been able to make it exclusive to them.

Now if you tell me that Apple hasn't given the green light to officially support the iPhone, then that's different. But it doesn't prevent TELUS from enabling general support for the eSIM (which would let it work on the Pixel for example).

uh, so how's your 3 month exclusivity on eSIM theory coming along now?

Exactly Darren, Telus just doesn't want it's customers to have access to cheaper alternatives. They know people will use the second sim for a tablet plan or other.

Dear Telus, Stop being greedy and this won't be an issue. Anyway it's no longer an issue for me. I moved to Bell. I no longer need to carry a work and personal phone.

And Telus lost my $150/month

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Exactly. And Rogers has it for business accounts now, so it was clearly not an exclusivity thing.

Dont forget to endorse the eSIM idea

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Also, can you stop making this Apple centric?
This post is not only about Apple's iPhone. Not only the iPhone support eSIM, and Apple did not invent the standard. They're only pushing it.

Yes its because of apple that Google pixel 3 esim are not supported as well right? make a lots of sens.. 

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By the way, interesting to see that your argument is falling apart....

When will Telus finally let me use the e-sim feature of my XR so I can use my telus sim from my work phone and personal number on the e-sim? eliminate a device to carry!!!!

C'mon get with the times it doesn't change the monthly charges you collect!!


I would have switched to bell but my work phone is telus and I am a longtime customer and like the service but I will switch if it isn't done by the time my contract is up!

I suggest anyone in this thread that wants eSIM to port out like I did. TELUS does not care and it’s quite obvious by now they have no plans to support it. Don’t give them another cent of your money. Vote with your wallet.

I guess that Apple is also blocking carrier from activating pixel 3 , 3 xl , 3a and 3a xl esim? 


They all support it and are obviously not Apple device..

Care to elaborate why then Telus could not activate them by Esim? 


Think for a second.. 

Telus is just being slow to prevent churn. As with all carriers resisting eSIM. Also be prepared for your Apple device to be unlocked, if it has a contract forget about moving your service to eSIM. Again to prevent churn. Canadian carriers are the creme de la creme when it comes to shady practices.

Could somebody tell us from Telus when we will have access to esim feature ..hopefully we will be able to transfer  our number...

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Except devices can't be sold locked in Canada...

Unlocked as in no contract, outiright purchase.

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I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Even devices on a contract are unlocked. carrier locking is not legal in Canada.

You don’t know the difference between unlocked no contract and unlocked with contract?

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I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
Even while you're on a contract in Canada, phones come unlocked so that you can change carriers whenever you want. That applies to eSIM.

I'm not sure what you're referring to by "the difference between unlocked no contract and unlocked with contract"

Is there anyone that can advise if eSIM is coming to Telus??