What can be done to find the owner of a phone


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Things I would do when someone gave me a lost phone (I run a lost and found service at special events)
-check the phone contacts for an "ICE" entry. This is short for "in case of emergency".
-look at their most frequently dialed numbers in the phone logs and give them a call

-try calling another phone with caller ID to identify the number and then doing a Google
-have the phone located in a place where GPS reception is good
-keep the battery charged daily if they call back


Hi McCarron7, I'd recommend either calling 1-866-558-2273 and speaking with some one from Client Care. They can try to get in contact with the owner. You can also take the phone into a TELUS Store, they'll call in and leave a note on the account for the owner to come pick up the device at a their location.

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Well I am happy to report that the phone I found has been handed over to its owner, The lady's at the Telus store were super helpful and work hard to find the sorce of the owner and it took quite a bit of investigation but we discovered who it belonged to and I was able to hand it over to his employer that just happened to be near the store(and I know them) and they took his phone to give to him! YAY! Happy Ending

Note the phone was locked and they had canceled their service which made it harder to find the owner until I met a very savy cell phone holder that managed to get me thru and into his photos this was one of the ways that we confirmed whos phone it was!