What APS cause power drain and sos with Blackberry


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My Blackberry suddenly changed form receiving a signal in my home. I am in a low signal valley however had one spot that still received. Recently that has changed it instantly goes into SOS.Oddly my partner same BB model does not change. And my kids can use their iphones anywhere in house ...I don't understand.Not sure how to test I did remove most of my APS.But not corrected. Makes it tough to be disconnected at home.


I assume you've done a battery pull at somepoint? 


You can also try pulling and then reinserting the SIM.


Yes love the battery pull fix I have .. I did not however pull the sim will try that ty


You may have a defective unit. Try bringing it into a store and see what they can diagnose.

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One suggestion is to call *611 to TELUS Mobility rep. Specifically, you want a tech support rep. They may be able to check the back systems to see if there is something blocking the signal a little. Please do this as well as the battery pull. Please try all troubleshooting before considering that it is a defective phone. Cheers,

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