Travelling with iphone4 - avoid cellular chrgs


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I am travelling overseas with a iphone 4.  do i need to turn both the cellular data and data roaming off to avoid charges.  

What is the difference between the cellular data and data roaming?

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Cellular network - establish a data connection via phone company's cell towers

Data roaming - if off, establish a data connection only when associated to "native"/"home" cell towers (eg. with a Telus SIM card, only establish data at Telus coverage areas); if you turn this to on, it will associate with any network (including foreign) that your phone can detect and you'll be responsible for data roaming charges (big $$$).


So if you want to avoid roaming charges, make sure at least the data roaming is set to off (should be by default).  Better yet, get the phone unlocked and buy a local SIM.