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The Nokia windows phones ???

Just Moved In

Will Telus be getting the new Nokia windows phones I think the fact they will be able to handle Android apps will make them the platform of the future. The 1520 especially it seems to have everything that a smart phone user could ask for and more.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Microsoft / Nokia confirmed a long time ago they have no plans to release it in Canada. The 1520 has also been officially retired since it's an old device (2013). I cannot find any announcements for a "new" Lumia 1520. Based on that, I highly doubt Telus will be bringing this device in.

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Just Moved In

Darn. I just made a post about them selling the 640XL. But I've seen a 1520 on kijiji. Might still be on there if you really want it. It will work on TELUS. I'm currently using a Lumia 930 (beast of a phone!) (American only phone) and it works fine on TELUS. Pretty sure the 1520 runs on the same bands as the 830/930/1020 etc. Although mine always says H+ data connection. Still fast.