The Galaxy S10 series and Fold have been announced!!

xl CPU Alum
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@Nicole-Natassha wrote:

@xl Definitely a bit of sticker shock huh!?

I thought the high-end iPhones were premium priced.  The Fold will set a new standard.


Starting to think my 1.32 exchange rate guesstimate may be too low.  The Fold's Canadian price may be closer to $3000.  Especially after taxes.


Looking forward to seeing a closer look at the Fold screen in the coming weeks when available in stores.

  • will the open screen be too "square" like the Blackberry Passport?
  • will the collapsed Fold feel thick (eg Nokia 9000 Communicator) when other phones have gone thin in recent years?

I have zero interest in any device that has a notch or a hole punched in the screen!  It's too bad also, because that 6.7" display on the 5G model with 1TB of internal storage and 12GB's of RAM really sounds great on paper, until you see the hole in the screen.  Oh well.  I saved myself a good chunk of cash and bought a Jade Green Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage for $800CDN from AliExpress.  It comes with a case and wireless charger in the box and has no stupid notch or screen cutout.  5G in Canada will be lucky to make a true appearance until 2024.  By then, I have will gone through at least a dozen newer devices.  


Hopefully Huawei will be ditched and banned in Canada soon enough.  Maybe then, Telus can look at Xiaomi devices, which offer mostly flagship specs at half the price.