Text messages are taking too long to send and receive - don't know why!


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I have a HTC Desire, bought in December and only just the last few days my messages having been taking up to 2 hours to send and receive. I don't think other telus customers are having this issue so must be something in my settings. Any ideas?

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Community Power User

That can sometimes happen due to traffic on the network, and other issues with regard to the nature of sending / recieving SMS messages.


First suggestion is to restart your phone.

Then mesage yourself and see what happens.


Edit: Also, long conversations cause trouble on some phones. Are any of the folks you are texting members of a longstanding conversation? If so, sometimes deleting the conversation, and starting a new one helps.



Let us know if the delays continue, and more information / ideas can be offered by the community.


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Are you using Facebook Messenger? This app is causing delayed messages on some Android phones right now, pending update from Facebook. If you're using it, you can try to uninstall it is and try. 

If you're still have a problem, you can try to clear cache in whatever message app you are using... 


Other than that, if it is still ongoing, you might need to call and speak with tech support.