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Telus hasn't sent out to BB10 devices?

Helpful Neighbour

Seems that most other Canadian carriers have pushed out this update, but not Telus. Any reason? Is it coming soon?


See the following thread:



Hi there Mh,


The update is already out. Check the The software will be pushed to devices in waves over time.


Cheers! Robot Happy

Helpful Neighbour



Thanks for your reply. However, I checked that page and I don't see .3175 listed anywhere.

@mh1983, the link to CB you posted shows someone getting the update from TELUS in Quebec. It's likely a case of rolling out the update in phases and it hasn't reached your location yet. My wife's Z10 doesn't have it yet. So yes, it's coming soon!


Thanks @xray !  @mh1983 Software release = OS version Robot LOL

I didn't know that release = version

That explains why my wife's Z10 is on release as I didn't think she was 2 releases behind.

Friendly Neighbour

So it's supposedly Day 6 for this release and neither I, nor anyone else I know, nor apparently the majority of Telus users posting on CrackBerry, have received the update for OS, aka Software Release 


I have two Z30s and three Z10s and none show the update yet when I check manually. (Just in case it mattered, all devices have been reset as well, to no avail.)


Maybe I've been spoiled by always getting past BB10 updates on Day 1. But isn't a week later a tad ridiculous? How gradual does Telus need a rollout to be, especially considering the relatively low number of BB10 users?

Hi, another trick is to go on Blackberry's page and get it from there.

Just Moved In

I have tried all the options listed here... but to no avail


1) I went to the Telus page, found the BBZ30 link, clicked it, it shot me over to Blackberry's site and i followed the links but no success

2) tried the OTA solution on my phone... no luck.. Been trying everyday since the announcement at least 5 times a day (yes i really want this...)

3) Tried the Blackberry Link software, no dice

4) Tried the Blackberry link in this forum using the web update feature.. still no luck...


It Telsu is really "phasing" this out... Can i get a plan of when you will do Vancouver area? Can i bring my phone to store and will they do it in the store?


I also try all the options above.. no luck.. everyday.. I am in Montreal, still nothing..

My number came up, got my update today!


Hi, other users reported that they were able to update their Rim devices, let us know later if you're able to complete it.