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Software update last night what is the version ?

Hey all I always look online for latest software version before I update incase of issues. I have had software update bugs before like the nougat update rendered camera useless overheating battery drain and other annoying problems. I am currently on g935uueu4bqj. So far so good but I did get an update notice last night on new years eve to update to what version as I can't find any info online yet if i should or not. Like I said last time I had to send my cell in for warranty repair. Cell is just out of warranty now so of course I need to check if anymore updates will cause problems not worth the update. Yes I am on Telus yet I bought this galaxy s7 edge unlocked from USA samsung experience store outright so it wasn't carrier locked when purchased if that makes a difference. Since I purchased in USA do I get their updates per unlocked device or because I have a Telus sim card do I get Telus updates? Ty

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To my recollection, updates will come from the original carrier. You should also receive small carrier updates from Telus, with network setting changes.


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Ty for relpy I'll wait to see if anything shows up online with whatever this update is worth doing so as of now. I just can't find any info on what the version is after the one I stated just yet online. Again ty

What is the model number of the device?  The US usually have different models for different carriers.  Even if you bought it directly from Samsung, it is more than likely a carrier variant just unlocked.  Under Settings, About Phone, and depending on what is available.  There should at least be a Regulatory Info that will tell you the model number, if it isn't listed without going further in.  According to GSM Arena, these are the following known model numbers for US versions of the Galaxy S7 Edge.  


Versions: G935A (AT&T); G935P (Sprint); G935V (Verizon); G935T (T-Mobile); G935R (US Cellular)


US carrier updates don't receive updates the same as a non-carrier model will.  Updates for carrier models will only be pushed over the network for that model.  If you have an AT&T model, then you would have to have it registered with a SIM on the AT&T network in order to actually receive an update for that device.  The only way around this would be to use ODIN or Kies to unlock the bootloader and actually flash a factory image, which would also completely wipe the device clean, including user data.  If all of that sounds like something you would want to attempt, at the risk of bricking your device if you do something wrong.  XDA Developers has a lot of great info to have a look at.  Otherwise, another option would be to take it to Pacific Mall, if you live in the GTA, and having it flashed there, if there is a new update.  You might be charged for the process but one of the many cell phone places within the mall would more than likely do it.  

Ty it is g935U

Excellent!  That is the carrier unlocked model, which is a good thing.  Your OTA's will be pushed by Samsung specifically.  Being a non-carrier model though usually results in less frequent updates though.  There rarely is any radio tuning which tends to be the reason behind more frequent carrier updates.  With the S8's having been out for almost a year now with the S9's just around the corner, being debuted at a special event in March, pretty much means the S7 Edge update cycle is done.  What is the software version of your device?  


From what I can find from digging around the web, some very specific software versions received an update that went live on December 27th 2017.  You may want to try connecting to WiFi and manually checking for updates.  If nothing comes up, power off the phone for about 5 minutes and then checking again.  Larger updates are usually only downloaded over WiFi.  


In some rare cases, phones, especially Samsung devices, end up with partially corrupt system files, which could be the cause of you having issues getting and discovering updates.  My mother is a Samsung nut and I have had to manually flash more than one of her Samsung phones over the years for similar reasons, including one where after about a month, it would forget her fingerprint and lock her out of the device.  When it comes to situations like these, a full factory wipe flash is needed.  Samsung can do this, there are plenty of places online that will walk you through it, or you can find one of the more in-depth cell places that do flashing and unlocking to flash the device to see if that helps.  If the issues persist even after that, then it is more than likely a NAND flash solder issue, which means the cheap solder Samsung is famous for using has basically outlived its usefulness.  

Thanks it is sm-g935u
And security patch level is Nov 1 2017
And update is 49.13 mb from what it states. I was not seeing anything or info on this one. Again ty

That is fairly recent although there is a later update from December.  It does list it as, "bug fixes", but because of the holidays, a lot of people have been chiming in about the November update that seems to have been received by most in early December.  Hopefull the new update will resolve a lot of your issues. 


If you want to attempt a manual flash, then you can find the updates on the SamMobile site for the S935U.  For best results, the USA image or T-Mobile image would be your best bet for Telus.  Every T-Mobile device, including my Nexus 6P from Telus, runs best with the T-Mobile USA radio.  


Edit - Firmware link:

Btw I ended up just doing the update all seems fine no issues. Again ty all


Your unlocked Samsung will get updates specifically for that model number only, so absolutely no updates for your device will come from or carry any optimizations from Telus.  If your phone happens to just be an unlocked US carrier model, then you may get those carrier specific updates because Samsung pushes the updates, not the carrier.  The same applies to Google, LG, and most other devices.  

Ty so a that might be the reason I can't find any info on this latest update just yet online in case any problems or bugs that are not worth updating just yet. Again ty