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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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And all I found was this list, which details roughly when each device receives it, not counting carrier delays..

Wonder why Telus does not post any OS Update Schedule? Rogers /Fido do - Not that it's guaranteed or particularly accurate but at least they bother. FYI on Rogers & Telus they are not showing anything for One UI... Nothing - not even into the end of the first week of February. Samsung may have released One UI to the Carriers, but then they want to "test" & add their Bloat... Happy I've been running One UI beta - Currently on CSA7 with the Canadian CSC / CP 👍

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According to my Samsung Members app it states that the Android Pie OS release will come for the Note 9/8 in February, the S9/S9+ in January and the S8/S8+ in March.

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@Shaggyskunk wrote:
Wonder why Telus does not post any OS Update Schedule? 

Telus did in the past, but it created expectations of those releases being on time, and Telus took the heat for delays caused by manufacturers or other issues, and spent time responding to inquiries about delays. It became sensible for them to move to providing info once updates are released, so folks can confirm, rather than anticipate.


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Yeah I think that is when Samsung is going to release One UI to the Carriers... not necessarily when the Carriers will push the OTA to the consumers 🐧

What were you on b4 you went to pie beta were you on latest oreo BRJ2

Would be nice if they kept the update schedule, up to date, heh.


Nothing past the last week of January...

well i am not looking for anymore updates for my phone anymore i heard that it won't be getting anymore s7 edge that is,this is from samsung communityScreenshot_20190130-112706_Samsung_Members[1].jpg

Unfortunately once a Samsung device is 2 generations old, they typically abandon it. I'm in the same boat with my S7.

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problem is it took them 1.5 years to get the phone sorted out to the point it stopped dropping calls and hollowness sounds like your in a tunnel when talking, only to find out it may have been my sim card. i have no issues with the phone now and i refuse to give it up even though i have a brand new iphone 7 plus and a s9+ sitting in their respective boxes.. not sure if it is the size of the phone or not but the s7 edge is the right size and weight for me and what i di. i refuse to sign a new 2 year contract as in a couple month i think i am giving up my phone as i don't use it much

Looks like Rogers is scheduled to release the OTA on February 7th now(Pushed Back from the 4th) Hopefully that means Telus will release it soon.


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@Maelstrom wrote:

I think you mean Feb 11 for Rogers.

I was looking at the S9 and S9+ which is scheduled for the 7th.


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Rogers already started pushing out updates for the S9+. Guys at my work manually checked for updates and there it was...still no news from Telus. Which is very disappointing

If you really can't wait, you can always flash the Rogers version with Odin. With Samsung, it's the same hardware Canada wide, and all their software is multiCSC, so it will work on any carriers device. It just detects your CSC on first boot, and installs the appropriate carriers bloat.

I have done it many times in the past. Sammobile, etc will have the downloads and instructions.

Note 8 - Jan Security Update is available. Just manually checked and installed it.

Just received Android P with OneUI update for the Galaxy S9+. Installing now. Everyone go check yours!

@Visii wrote:

Just received Android P with OneUI update for the Galaxy S9+. Installing now. Everyone go check yours!

Yep Everyone it looks like the Android Pie update is released OTA for S9 and S9+!

yup... installing the pie update on the s9+ and ios 12.1.4 for the iphone 7 plus both had updates

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Currently downloading the Android Pie and Samsung One UI on my Note 9 from TELUS!

Were you sleeping for a week lol 🕊