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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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Samsung had halted the Oreo release due to severe bugs. That happened for past releases also so it's nothing new. They only started releasing a patched version very recently but only for unlocked S8 devices in Germany. About a week ago Samsung expanded the release countries to include India, Poland and a few Nordic countries. Nothing in North America, especially Canada. Canada is one of the last countries Samsung releases updates to carriers for.


Samsung typically is one of the slowest companies to release new versions of Android globally. Average time for a Canadian release is 6-9 months after Google releases it for their devices if past history with the S6 and S7 are any indication.


WIth all the bugs it's not always easy or possible to provide a future ETA for the release. Telus may have a better idea once Samsung decides to include Canada for Oreo. Best bet is to watch this blog for updates > . Samsung Canada hasn't posted anything on their site for Oreo so far.

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The "Halt" for rebooting issues, was literally less than a week before rollouts continued.  And I realize that the rollout was currently only to factory unlocked S8s and S8+.  It is my understanding that Telus, as well as the other Canadian Providers, would have already got their hands on Oreo for testing purposes, and given strict guidelines on when they are allowed to release in Canada.

So, a date is still possible, maybe not an exact date, but at least a month.  ie April





It's close, at least in the USA. The CRBB build passed SafetyNet and is Play Store certified. It's 100% stable. I have been running it for a week. In fact, the last several builds have been stable. I haven't come across an issue yet. I can only assume that Canada isn't far behind. It's the same hardware.



Agreed!  Nighthawk seems to just like to argue and from past post likes to always be correct.  The halt was by no means due to "severe bugs"

That is a HUGE misrepresentation of what happened.  The halt was due to a VERY small percentage of people get random reboots.  And it was corrected and the launch proceeded within a week.

And yes, as you said Techjunkie, the last few releases have been 100% stable.  I agree.

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I would consider a bug that causes a device to crash hard enough that it reboots, to be a severe bug.


You are more than welcome to contribute any information or announcements regarding Canadian Oreo release dates, whether from Telus or elsewhere.

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Hey, so I've been using the Oreo beta for a while now and am familiar with flashing.


But, I've not been able to get Telus features (voLTE or hd voice) to work on my phone even after I flash CSC (using Comsey).


Would you be willing to message me on XDA (username:distho) or here to describe your CSC flashing process as I may not be doing something right.


You're the only person I've seen confirm that they got Telus features working so I'm a bit excited.


Thanks !



We don't know the circumstances as to why the devices were rebooting.  It wasn't even considered a "Crash" per say.  It was a small percentage of Oreo users, very small, that had random reboots.  A random reboot by no means implies it was a crash.  There are many reasons a device could reboot without it physically crashing.  

Just as I can't answer to the severity of the reboot issue, nor can you, I tend to not make assumptions and base my info on fact.

And the fact was, Oreo release was halted to correct random reboots on a small percentage of devices and the release resumed less than a week later.



From the Samsung members app:

Android 8.0 Oreo Notice
# Mobile Device

Mar 09, 2018

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the first Samsung Galaxy devices to support Android 8.0 Oreo. Android 8.0 Oreo will soon be available for other Samsung devices in Canada. Users will be able to upgrade their Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ devices starting March 19, 2018 and Galaxy Note 8 devices starting March 28, 2018. Support for Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy A5 and Tab S3 will be available in Spring/Summer 2018. Support for Galaxy Xcover4, Galaxy A8, Galaxy J3 Prime, Tab A8, Tab Active 2 and Tab A 10.1 will be available later in 2018.

Was your phone originally a Telus version (bought from Telus or Telus reseller)?

I'm just asking, because if it wasn't, it will never get VoLTE due to the fact that the IMEI isn't whitelisted in Telus' system.

My phone is an actual Telus version, so everything worked before and after the Oreo flash (after flashing the Telus CSC).



Saw this as well, good news, but all that means ( I believe ) is that Telus is just GETTING Oreo, to start their in-house testing.

It would be nice to be surprised, and find they had it for testing already, and they are permitted to release on that date.  And I guess this is possible due to Fido having Oreo release in March on their update schedule.

I guess time will tell.  It would be great if Telus folks actually read and replied to these posts so their loyal customers weren't left in the dark.


It's not but that's not entirely correct. Before I upgraded to Oreo I had hd voice or whatever it is called. I was using the Telus nougat firmware. Since then it hasn't worked. So I was hoping to find out more from you. Did you flash home_csc or just csc from the latest Telus firmware package? I used the bql1 to brb1, to crb9 flashes. Similar?

I flashed the modem and Home_CSC from the latest Telus nougat after flashing Oreo. I did let it boot and finish installing the Oreo update though. Then i rebooted and flashed the modem and CSC.

I have done this with every leaked version of Oreo, and it has worked for me every time.

Verizon in the USA just started rolling out Oreo to the Samsung S8 and S8+ 2 hours ago.

March 16th, 2018 at 1:00am Eastern 


Hopefully, this is good news and we can expect it sooner than later on Telus.  Again it would be nice if the Telus MODS here, gave us at least some glimmer of hope,


Android 8.0 Oreo is now rolling out on Telus S8 and S8+



Ha ha ha!  GOOD JOB TELUS!


Way to get the update scheduled updated AFTER the fact ONCE again!



Samsung GS8Mar 19Android O
Samsung GS8+Mar 19Android O

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Community Power User


Ha ha ha!  GOOD JOB TELUS!


Way to get the update scheduled updated AFTER the fact ONCE again!


Yes, Telus moved to listing Updates once released, rather than pre-announcing & having to change the dates, and deal with expectations of users. This happened at least a year ago.




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Kind of defeats the purpose of having an update schedule period.  Pretty redundant to be told about an update after you already have it downloaded and installed....


No it just gives us s7 edge users kind of a time frame before or if we ever get the update... not holding my breath but if something doesn't happen soon i am going to torture test the phone.. bet will be if it survives the auto rundown .... 4x4 and mini-van get to take turns at it.... then the tiger torch gets to have it's way with it....sounds kind of harsh to destroy a flagship phone but mine is a piece of s**t and i will not defend the phone anymore...

The S7 update is rumored to be a couple months behind the S8 release. Hopefully soon.

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Will it blend? 

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Not sure if it will blend.... don't want to destroy a blender for the sake of a POS phone... but i know it WILL melt when i decide to engage it with the tiger torch.... give a new meaning of phone explosions.... but to be fair the phone is a great texting, and picture taker but for calls it just plain sucks i think i may have gotten a defective phone but being out of replacement time frame i am stuck with it so i do own it and yes when i find a replacement for it i will systematically dissect it and put it in a melting pot