Software Update Schedule Discussion


Software Update Schedule Discussion

Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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Ah telus only reads what it wants to on this site, it's ok telus, you can play the silent game
And just ignore its paying customers I'm done with telus 23 years with them and they can't get **bleep** straight. Wow this form is nothing but a useless site.
Thanks bell for your 7.0 image, then flag with odin3 7.0 installed

I plan on doing the same thing on my days off.. I'm done waiting for Telus.. I just called tech support.. no joke.. the lady told me they are just waiting for Samsung to send the update. LOL. Like you said.. thanks for the image Bell! Don't care if it trips Knox or not at this point..

LMAO Telus thinks people don't know how OEM's update, that is quite funny, was told the same thing about a different device by some brainless Telus employee spouting out generic responses instead of being honest and straightforward. Hey Telus, you guys really need to pick up your **bleep**! Get it all together, in one place, and treat your customers right, before the smart ones trash your name beyond repair.
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The "Smart Ones" simply choose the provider where they will get what they want, and quietly move there.


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Or choose a device AND a provider that dishes out their updates in a timely manner. Sometimes the 'smart ones' have to make a bit of an uproar to help the sheep wake the hell up.
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Every update has been delivered to my phone on the date promised by the manufacturer.


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That may be but Telus had yet to provide a date when other carriers have either released the update or have a date set. As soon as my contract is finished with Telus I'm switching carriers they have been absolutely abysmal at informing their customers about updates as well as pushing those updates in a timely manner

Big question is,
why Telus don't update the schedule page to coming soon or something, why we wonder in the dark not knowing is nougat coming or no and approximately when? Would that be hard? Why Telus, why?

Well that was easy. I flashed my S7E with Bell's Nougat software.. (Odin) rebooted and was up and running on the Telus network! (This did wipe my phone to new but all good; I had everything backed up) Knox didn't trip.. Samsung Secure Folder Installed! Thanks Bell and SamMobile! Very happy!! And Telus.. um.. yeah.. 😒

The update came tonight at a whopping 1245MB and is Android 7.0 just thought you all might want to know

Got mine about an hour ago.   🙂


I just checked for updates on my S7, it's ready.  I'll install tonight @ home, after I've backed up my phone!

Hope everyone gets their update soon.


Well, I installed the update last night.  No problem with the installation.  (Still glad I backed up my phone).

Seems to be working pretty good.  No connection problems.  Wi-fi and Network and Knox mode are problem free.  Calls seem to be going through faster too.

Only issue so far, is a couple of times the phone froze up and restarted itself.  I'll be watching for that. 

Battery is draining faster than I'd like, but it was starting to act up before the update.  I'll be watching that.  I've seen some complaints, online, about battery draining issues.


I noticed that Telus has NOT updated yet.  The update schedule info is over a week old.  Such a shame that Telus is not keeping this accurate.  


Off topic to begin: Why can't I post a comment in a thread without replying? Am I missing something? I won't be surprised if I am. Smiley Happy


On topic: I took the Nougat update yesterday. Battery drain is an issue, though I purposely left enabled the "battery optimization" when asked. I'll turn it off today and see if the battery drain stops. My Gmail app has gone British, with the "trash" label replaced by "bin," and other annoyances. It takes more touches to reach some often used settings, and panels are vague, not good for the visually impaired, such as I am. The notification panel is particular hideous for me, much smaller and hard to see to pull down, and then so vague. Can I increase the size of that somehow? The default keyboard is so undefined now it's trash, or bin, whatever. The blue light filter is the only good thing about this update for the visually impaired. I'm not impressed overall.



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@Lola wrote:

Off topic to begin: Why can't I post a comment in a thread without replying? Am I missing something? I won't be surprised if I am. Smiley Happy

Not sure what else you might call the action you take!  Other than being the first post, presumably you are replying to some part of the content, else you should be starting a new thread!  Choosing a particular post to reply allows you to quote the content, which is why there are reply buttons everywhere.


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On a long thread, a person may want to remark the thread topic without replying to anyone specific. It's bad internet etiquette to reply to someone if you're not answering them at all, but rather making a remark on the thread topic that has nothing to do with what they said. Comment and reply have different meanings on social media. I've never seen a comment section without the ability to comment without hitting the reply on someone else.

Yeah the phone seems to be about the same except for the battery drain issue after charging it i unplug it and within about 30 minutes i am down to 85% without even touching it, i tried to factory reset it and still does the same thing, i am thinking about trading it in for the iphone 7 plus i just don't want anything to do with apple on my computer at home but thats another story

I have to ask.  The S7 update to Android N isn't on the Updates Page?  Why is it not updated?


Hi there, sorry about the late reply.   Our update schedule is a delicate balance between both our approval process and our partnership with the OEM's. Sometimes we will not be able to update the schedule as regularly as we would like, though we try hard to publish the latest available information as possible. As you are likely already aware, Nougat for the S7/S7 Edge has started rolling out at the beginning of the week continuing through the end of the month.   Thanks for your patience. 
This was the reply i got when i asked

I see the schedule was updated now.  Hope to see the S6 next for Android N, usually it follows the 7 about a month later.

Fingers Crossed


so far the only issue i have had is it will NOT stay connected to my WIFI but i haven't tried to make any calls with it as of yet but there were a few features added that i need to get used to but over all seems easy on the battery