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Software Update Schedule Discussion

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Very professionally done. You should really remove this page and put 'updates to come to Android phones one day, we're not really sure when.' I think I will be switching phones to the nexus devices to actually get updates faster than this half a snail's pace. The Telus experience is not one I'm impressed with. Makes me consider switching providers. 

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S20s update schedule is missing from this list, it was there at the beginning of the month and now it's gone

Community Power User
Community Power User

I never saw it in the list myself. If it was there as you say, it's entirely possible the update was pulled if there were problems. None of the other carriers have listed pending updates for the S20 at this time either so it may be something that's affecting more than just Telus.

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All the Canadian Carriers use the exact same Firmware (other than the CSC) So if it's been delayed for one - It's delayed for all of them.

i myself am using an s9+ and i haven't seen an update since feb 2020 and this is going on 3 months behind on security updates

Not sure why Telus completely removed s20 update schedule from their webpage. The last update which is March security update was there and now it's gone. I guess we can ways flash generic Canadian software and not bother with bloatware. And Telus let's not bundle Facebook and other junk with the phones, I am sure you can say to Samsung not to include them. I don't have time to be removing all this using ADB command.

Well sure you can Flash any Canadian Carrier's Firmware - But there isn't any May Firmware from ANY other Canadian Carrier to Flash RN. As for the bloat - Samsung / Carriers get paid to include it - So good luck with getting them to stop... But it is a lot better than a few years ago... So there's that.

Looks like list has been updated and now s20 is back on that list.

Any idea why Telus or any of the Canadian carriers don't have the camera upgrade as well? All the us carriers are getting it in believe

For which phone?


Particularly the ATE6 updated such send to hit all the marks

Sorry .I meant the ATE6. Update that seems to fix av majority of the issues with the ultra camera. Thanks

I don't know about you guys but i refuse to buy a new phone every year i have a phone that took me 2 years to just start using s9+ plus i still have a iphone 7 plus 128Gb still in the box brand new i used it twice and didn't like that i couldn't store music on it the way i could with the samsung so until both these phones are in the state of unusable i am not buying a new phone, i thought about trading one in but i am not on a contract and don't want another 2 year contract i just got my bill down to a reasonable amount per month with customer retention's i don't want it to go up without a secure job at this stage....i am still awaiting security updates for my s9+ which i haven't received since Feb 2020 and the iphone is currently running IOS 13.5, so unless a company makes an unremarkable phone that intrigues me i an not upgrading especially now i heard TELUS and Bell dropped Hauwei 5g...

well look at this i complained about not getting even a security update and June 3,2020 3pm checked Nothing, just before i went to bed 11:15pm and there was an update not sure if it was forgotten during the so-called pandemic but i currently have G965WVLS7DTE1/G965W0YV7DTE1/G965WVLS7DTE1

SECURITY PATCH LEVEL: MAY1,2020 couldn't bring it to current but closer than Feb 2020

S20s updates are out. Just updated my S20+ phone to September patch

I'm guessing the S10 update coming up in October for Security and Optimization, won't be One UI 2.5.
Kinda disappointed. Canada was keeping up with the American carriers there for the last 2 big updates and now they are slacking again.

@mhinc  September Patch for S10 should be the One UI 2.5 update, everywhere else has bundled the security update with the One UI update... but as you say that might be expecting too much at this point. 😒

@KnightShadey I'm assuming you meant October.

@mhinc nope, I did mean what I said, it is the September Security Patch that has included One UI 2.5 elsewhere.


That Telus might not make it available until October doesn't change it from being the September patch, even though it makes discussions about it more confusing when it gets delayed.

On your phone it will say " Security Patch Level: Date " and that is the date I was/am talking about.


The September Patch (which other carriers have actually provided in September) is the one that has had the One UI 2.update 5 for the S10 series; other phones like the S9, Note9 are expected to get it a bit later, likely November or December... and likely on Exynos first and also likely first to European (read German) carriers first for the carrier-dependent versions, with the Qualcomm and N.Am. carriers to follow a few weeks.. or a month or two later depending on carrier interest/effort as usual.


Unfortunately Samsung doesn't offer the wider beta program to Canadians like they do in the US, that would help bypass some of the annoying carrier delays.


@KnightShadey Oh I gotcha!  So since the Sept patch was skipped, we should see One UI 2.5 in this October Security update today.

Well I work nights and I am checking frequently for it.  Nothing yet.


Actually it should still be the "September update Security Patch" from Samsung, not October that would contain this, but yes, Telus being a little late with it, this October 6th should be the September update that has the One UI 2.5 refresh.


I can't confirm if this was pushed yesterday, as my group uses Samsung Notes 8,9,10 and Samsung Actives, along with other mfrs, but the Note 9 update was indeed delayed a week past schedule and showed up yesterday instead of Sept 29.


However, T-mobile and a few others in the US just got the Sept/OUI2.5 update over the past two days also, so it seems likely.