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SMS and Google Hangouts

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If anyone is having problems receiving SMS or text while using Google Hangouts as the default app, turn it off. I was not being notified of texts and those that came through on the default Samsung Note 2 app were blank. Disabling SMS in Hangouts settings fixed the problem.

I use Google Hangouts (v2.1.076) as the default SMS app and it's working fine for me (HTC One X+, Android 4.1.1). What version of Android is on the Note 2 and what version of Hangouts?

There is a setting to turn notifications on/off in Hangouts. Was it on?


I'm not too familiar, with the Google-Handouts-App. I got a -SGs4Mini - I've no issues on the (Send-receive-SMS) but I missed the "Yellow-envelope" it use to appears in left upper corner, when I've a new text-msge in former Ph.The Handouts post an icon too, but is white hard to see it. Is there a way to turn it green+ resized?


Regarding to the -Snooze/notificaction, when clicked it shows a list of hours(1.4.8..72) what's the usage for, how to change ring

and if is possible to acces my contacts, once I've open the App and does it use a lot data. Thks for reply  "v9" 



@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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Hi canadianclimate, yes, it's mostly a notification setting issue, your mobile provider can't access the Google hangout service but yes, turning it off may help. I think you can also disable the Hangout text service to make sure it doesn't cause an issue with your regula text messages.