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S6 Edge Durability

Just Moved In

How durable is the S6 Edge? It's a nice looking phone but it looks fairly easy to break (especially the screen). Anyone experiencing any problems with the screen breaking easier than normal?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You might be better to ask this question on an Android enthusiast site, as there would likely be more users. Mine sits on my desk or in my pocket, so no issues so far. 

EDIT: I've not broken a screen on any of the phones I've owned, so maybe I'm not your model......

I do not find the 'edge' a particularly useful addition, and it distorts some pages. The future may bring a better implementation of this idea. 

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Community Power User
Community Power User

Put it in a protective case it's fine. Just like any other smartphone out there.. The replacement screen is more money as the Chinese knock offs are not as mass produced as the apple screens and digitizers.

The edge is a little more out of box then the same boring iphone. 6s is hardly a useful addition. The real redo of the iphone will be 7 followed by the 7s that fixes everything they screw up in the 7

The revolving carrot iphone goes round and round. About time they ripped off blackberry with the sense of touch on a screen.. Peek an pop lol.Oh it will be "amazing".

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Keep in mind... the convention silicon case may not work well with the thin edge.

The only protection I have is one of those cheap Chinese protective screen films......

I dropped my S6 Edge 4 feet onto concrete.  Yep the aluminum case dented/scratched.... but the screen is crack free and continues like new.

Lesson learned... eyeglass pouches are soft to protect the screen.... but they can be so slippery with phones!  I never put a phone in that pouch ever again.