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Replace iPhone under Apple Care

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I pick up my new Iphone 7Plus a week before we went overseas.   While there we had several incidents with the locals resulting in the loss of my passport, my phone was smashed, and we were left stranded in England for 3 weeks, with no money, no computer, no phone and no place to sleep, other than the rental car.  I spoke to Apple and they will not cover and replace the phone. 


So I guess I am going to be paying for a phone with apple care for the next 2 years and have no phone.  Please advise what I have to pay so that I don't have to pay Apple Care any more and it is obviously as useless as tets on a bull.


All of my email accounts were screwed up as well.  I have managed to get one or two emails working but the rest stop.  Please put all of the email accounts I set up in archives as I cannot figure out how to fix it so that they all work.'

Debbie Jesse



We're all customers here, not TELUS staff (except for the odd person). You may want to try and go to a TELUS store to see if they can help you.


AppleCare is a warranty, and doesn’t cover damage that isn’t a manufacture fault. If your phone stopped working, you’d get it fixed, no problem and the charge reduced rates on getting screens replaced due to accidental drops. 


Alternatively, depending on if one is nearby, you could go into an Apple Store and see if you can purchased a refurbished phone under your AppleCare plan...they offer that as well and I think it’s around $400, but don’t quote me. 

Community Power User
Community Power User

You can connect with Telus using the methods in the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom of the page, and they will be able to remove the Apple Care payment, and help you with any other issues arising from your loss. There is even an option to send an email through the 'My Account' portal, so you don't have to hang around waiting.


Info left here can't be acted upon, as most here are just customers as @giantbrownguy stated, and even Telus staff can't properly verify you to complete a request.


Check with your home insurance to see if it makes sense to open a claim for your losses through your insurance. 


If you can provide a bit more detail about your email issues, we may be able to offer some advice on getting them working again.


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