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Re: S7/S7-edge Fm Radio

So my question is, will Telus activate FM radio in the Samsung galaxy 7/7 edge in the next update with nougat? I see this is big news around the world and some US carrier's have enabled this feature on these two devices, will Telus make a name for them selfs and show the world they are a good company to provide great customer service and product service?

They haven't communicated anything to any of us as of yet. This forum is mainly inhabited by Telus customers and employees but none of us speak on behalf of Telus. For that you need to go to the social media sites. I would recommend a copy/paste to their facebook and twitter sites. 

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Canadian version s7 edge has the Exynos 8890, it doesn't have the fm module to do the FM radio function. 

And clearly most of the new phone doesn't come with the FM function anymore only USB-C port, no headphone jack (no antenna).

Hopefully bigger and cheaper data plan for us to stream.  But still fm uses way less battery than streaming. 😞


Oh I see so telus doesn't use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip? I heard that this chip in the Samsung galaxy 7 edge devices have Fm antenna built in but they choose to disable it, but this doesn't able to telus as they use a different chip all together. Thanks for the info 😊

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Community Power User

While the phone MAY contain an FM Radio chip, it would need the earphones wire as an antenna. That ever more users are moving to Bluetooth headsets confounds this. The physics of radio wave propagation prevent the antenna being on the chip.

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