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Prepaid plan : questions


I'm considering jumping from Bell to Telus, because I can get absolutely *no* transaction information from Bell, the only information I can have is my remaining credit... Smiley Frustrated (my phone is an unlocked HTC 8x)

Can't know if I was billed for calls, data, or whatever else, unless I call Bell and ask them to recite every transaction on record, which I did the other day and they found a $12 transaction that was an error!


So my question to you, fellow Windows Phone users, on prepaid Telus accounts

 - can you see the transaction details for which you have been charged? (ie: date, phone #, duration, or data quantity used)

 - can you see how much data you have left for the month/cycle?

 - can you manage all that right from your phone?

 - are you generally satisfied about your Telus service?


Feel free to provide any other comments or info





I got my answer in this post, in the Prepaid forum. 

In short : YES to just about all! 

I'll be trying out the Telus prepaid shortly...