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Poor Customer Service

Just Moved In

Why is Deb of Billing Escalation Department of Telus Mobility so unreasonable?
She is very rigid and kept saying that she followed Telus internal policy. She has no sense of customer service, working in the wrong business.
I was charged for 4 day’s service plan before my account was activated in a local Telus store. I spoke to an agent, and she understood my concern and escalated to Deborah. She never listened to my concerns and insisted of the charge (C$3.17 + 3.50 + $15.83 + $12.67) = $35.17 + HST = C$39.74.
It is not a big amount, but I feel not right for charges before my account was activated. She stood so firm and had no room of negotiation.
I asked who is the VP I can make a complaint about her, and she said she is the highest level in Telus on Escalation Billing Department, and she has no VP above her. She sounded that her decision is the final decision, even CEO cannot override her decision because she follows Telus internal policy.
She is working for a wrong industry.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Morerice sorry to hear that. We'd definitely like to look into your account to see what can be done. Reach out to us over at our Twitter account or send us a private message at our Facebook page so we can get your account info and investigate.